50 years of smart ideas and best quality Made in Germany

Diamond-Photometer (1969)
GEMMODUL series (1973 until today)
First DIALITE lamps DUV and DLD (1976)

SYSTEM EICKHORST has been a high-end manufacturer of state-of-the-art technology for 50 years now. The family lead manufactory based in Hamburg, Germany  was founded by MSc Manfred Eickhorst on January 1st 1969. The young company first built on Manfreds invention the DIAMOND-PHOTOMETER.

During his studies on physics Manfred developed this instrument which was the very first device worldwide that measured the colour of diamonds (see figure). In 1967 he applied a patent for the Photometer and shortly after introduced it at the Antwerp Diamond Exchange. It was a great success and Manfred decided to go further in development of gemmological instruments.

In 1973 SYSTEM EICKHORST developed the GEMMODUL series, a range of gemmological instruments for basic analysis that can be combined into one lab "workbench". Since then GEMMODUL instruments have been successfully distributed all over the world until today. In 1976 SYSTEM EICKHORST developed the first microscopes of the GEMMOSCOPE series, later replaced by todays GEMMASTER.

From gem instruments to workplace light

Because of the close collaboration with his customers from the gemmology community Manfred Eickhorst quickly realised that many of them worked under poor lighting conditions. This was the birth of the first workplace lamp from the DIALITE series. In 1976 SYSTEM EICKHORST announced the first daylight workplace lamp DIALITE DUV with built-in UV light. A revised edition of this lamp has been reissued just recently under the name DIALITE CLASSIC.

It did not take long to understand that also in other areas people were working with bad lighting. Quickly the product range "Lamps & Light" with the DIALITE series as the core emerged to the second main pillar of SYSTEM EICKHORST.

Today many people like dental technicians, gold smiths, watchmakers and visually impaired and elderly worldwide work with light by SYSTEM EICKHORST. Both the always best available technology and the high quality make the products by SYSTEM EICKHORST continuos and irreplacable companions for many of them.

"Mr. Light" and the lighting experts

Over the years Manfred Eickhorst greatly gained in experience and became a specialist in the field of lighting. When it is about the right light, colours of light or illumination in general, "Mr. Light's" advice is well accepted. He passes this knowledge on to his team as well as in lectures in front of international experts, at exhibitions worldwide, or in professional articles.