StereoZOOM immersion microscope for gemmological applications

Horizontal microscope for examination of coloured gemstones in immersion liquid.

SYNTEST with trinocular ZEISS 2000 optics for camera connection

SYNTEST with binocular starter optics

SYNTEST with optics ZEISS 508 trinocular
The principle of immersion microscopy illustrated

SYNTEST StereoZOOM Microscope

  • Horizontal immersion microscope for examination of coloured stones in immersion liquids of corresponding refractive index.
  • Horizontal arrangement of immersion cell, illuminator, and optical system for comfortable microscopy without surface reflections and free rotation of the specimen.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and enjoyable work
  • Trinocular StereoZOOM optics by ZEISS with a unique Zoom magnification range 10x-80x for digital photo-micrography
  • Adapters for most cameras, digital type available
  • Binocular StereoZOOM optics for microscopy up to 40x and up to 80x with optional eye pieces.
  • High-end precision quality Made in Germany

Article on horizontal microscopy

This article describes how to reduce the reflections from a gemstone by using horizontal microscopy.

"How to reduce the surface reflections from a gemstone."

Stage Mounting

Stage alternatively mountable on base for either left- or right-hand use.

Focus control

Precise focus adjustment by turning focus knob. Mountable on microscope base for right- as well as left-hand use.

Technical infomation SYNTEST with trinocular ZEISS optical system


Technical infomation SYNTEST with binocular starter optical system