Daylight desk lamp with parallel T5 fluorescent tubes for exceptionally diffuse light. Special version with build in UV light. Particularly suitable for diamond grading.

Original models DUV and DLD from 1976

Functional principle of DIALITE CLASSIC DUV

  • Daylight by 3x8 Watt fluorescent lamps T5.
  • Each lamp separately switchable.
  • UV longwave by 1x8 Watt fluorescent tube "blacklight".
  • UV upward exit covered with "blacklight" filter.
  • Hood on top for protection against environmental light.
  • Multiflexible double spring-arm.

Three daylight tubes

Three daylight fluorescent tubes of 8 Watt each.

See also CLASSIC DLD (lamp with four daylight fluorescents but without UV function).

UV fluorescence testing

Fluorescence testing simultaneously with daylight turned on, by placing the specimen on top of the Black Light UV-filter.

Enhanced UV fluorescence colour contrast

As the viewing angel is 90° to the bluish UV light glam there is no irritation for the eyes and even weak UV fluorescent colours are detectable. Additional contrast effected by the black appearing surface of the "Black Light" UV-filter and the "darkroom effect" of the hood attached on top.

Light colours

The choice of the right light colour depends on the specific application. Diamond graduation for example requires daylight 6,500 Kelvin light colour. In the dentistry industry daylight of 5,800 Kelvin is the light colour norm. Visually impaired people are able to see more contrasts when using "incandescent white" 3,000 Kelvin.

When mixing two different light colours the result is a third one.

Our recommendations for optimal light colours downloadable as PDF for:
Gems and jewellery
Dental laboratories
People with visual impairments
all remaining workplaces

Three switches

Each of the three daylight tubes is separately switchable. There are three different levels of lighting power: 1x8, 2x8 and 3x8 Watt.

Double Spring-Arm

Innovative, sturdy technology in the tradition of the first spring-arm types by Angelpoise and Luxo. For feathery floating movability on rugged joints. Adjustable spring power and blocking.

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Model Lamps Watt Illuminance (Lux)* Type of Lamps Switches Upward Opening Coating Reflector Length
DLD 4x8 3,000 fluorescent tubes (T5) 4 - grey 400mm
DUV 3x8 1x8 UV 2,500 fluorescent tubes (T5) 4 UV light silver grey/anthracite 400mm

* Light intensity of daylight (5,800 Kelvin, all tubes switched on) at a distance of 50cm.

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