Two swan necks with removable LED lamps, selectable from spot to diffuse.

VARIOFOC LED Incident Lighting System

One lamp, two light sources: the VARIOFOC with two LED-lamps is the ideal additional lighting for better work at challenging viewing tasks.
The LED-lamps are removable by simply plugging them out so both lamps can be adapted to your needs. There are three different kinds of lamps: Spot LED for precise pin-point light, Flood LED for plane area light and Diffuse LED for shadow-free light.

Colours of light are available in neutral white or daylight.

Installation is available with desk stand, desk clamp or with screw down mount.

Light Colour

Daylight white 6,000 Kelvin* and natural white 4,000 Kelvin.

* Kelvin is a term for the reative yellowness, whiteness or blueness of the light colour, expressed in units Kelvin (K).

Two LED Lamps

2x 3 Watt dimmable plug-in LED lamps with different focus and light colour.

Spot LED - light to the point
Diffuse LED - shadowless light
Flood LED - plane light
UV longwave LED - BLB366nm


The two flexible 450-mm swan-neck arms are attached at a pillar and can be adjusted to the desired height. A variety of mountings for the pillar are available.

Technical Details

24V operation with electronic plug-in transformer for all global voltages 240-100V/50-60Hz. Mains plug adapters for EU/GB/US. Degree/Class of protection II. Electromagnetic compatibility following the European norms.

Weight abt. 700g (without mounting)