Light for dental shade-taking and shade-matching. Daylight fluorescent tubes with 5,500K light tempereature for best matching results.

  • Features




  • The mobile standard daylight of 5,500 Kelvin colour of light for shade taking.
  • Shade taking at dental operatory and lab, both with same colour of light to guarantee perfect colour communication.
  • No complaints about shade taker and laboratory technician any longer due to common light.
  • Perfect illumination for digital photography.

Two compact fluorescent tubes

Two 5 Watt compact fluorescent tubes supplying daylight 5,500 Kelvin from two directions for dental shade-taking: skylight from top, reflected light from bottom.

  • 750 Lux / 70 Footcandle or
  • 1,500 Lux / 140 Footcandle

Separate switches

  • both tubes separately switchable
  • for one-sided lighting from below or above
  • half or full lighting power
  • operatable with only one hand

DLT Color Quick Lock

A new patent version is the one with QUICK-LOCK. The unique principle of plug-connection of reflector and arm or handle offers a quick change of mounting or to take away of the light to the place of shade-taking.

Tips & Tricks

If you need both hands while shade-taking just ask your patient to hold DIALITE  COLOR! That way the patient has something to do and you have both of your hands free!