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Gemstones and light

The colour impression of a gemstone depends on a remarkable number of influencing factors. There is nature as a source of light, the colours of the surroundings and, of course, the ethnic origin of the person wearing the stone. In addition, the eye of the observer with their individual colour perception and age, as well as their particular traditional aesthetic sensibilities, also play a role.
This colour impression, which can be so varied at different times of the day and year, creates a certain fascination in our perception of the gemstone.
Comparison with the other coloured "gems" of nature can help us to understand these interactions; for example, the flower in our garden, whose colour in the morning can appear entirely different to its colour in the afternoon or evening. They are a delight to our eyes with the variety of their colour in natural daylight, but also when used as decoration in artificial light. In the flower shop, when they are arranged and presented, we are often stunned by the dramatic beauty of their colours, as we would be by an actor on stage. Nobody would light this stage like an office. What impresses the viewer is good, accentuated light that brings out the best in the object.
This applies similarly to the world of gemstones. We only fully appreciate their beauty when, like the actors on stage, they are captured in a series of carefully adjusted lights, such as LEDs, halogens or full-spectrum fluorescent lamps. This is the secret of the fascination of diamonds. Their extremely high refraction causes them to shine even in very low incidence of light and is influenced by their cut - especially the brilliant cut - and also, above all, by their size.

With coloured gemstones, their colour presence creates a more intense impression. The cut, i.e. the surfaces through which the incident light is reflected and refracted, is also important. It opens our eyes to the colour universe of gemstones, which run across the entire spectrum of the rainbow; colours that lie hidden in their origin in the uncut stone.
The impression of a coloured gemstone and its perception for the observer is influenced by a number of unique colour attributes: hue, brightness (tone/value) and saturation of the colour (chroma/intensity) as well as dichroism and dispersion. Together with the factors already mentioned, these determine how we perceive gemstones and their colours. Because of these many variables, gemstones can surprise us again and again with their different appearances.

Gemstone professionals are not immune to this variability. It is them who accompany the gemstones on their long journey, from the moment they leave the mine and enter the cutting room to the moment they become parts of jewellery. It is their unique abilities that ensure that the true value of the gemstones is brought out, and when all is said and done, that the person wearing the jewellery can derive pure pleasure from it. Given the variety and rarity of the stones described above, this is a challenging job. 
In this way, the right light supports the stone in its natural beauty, to the delight of the person who wears it and those who admire it.

For ideal lighting, strong, wide-area light with an illuminance of at least 2,800 lux to 3,300 lux is recommended, supplemented by additional directional lighting if necessary. The ideal colour temperature should be in the range of 3,000 to 6,500 Kelvin. It is also important to have glare-free and flicker-free light that does not produce any stroboscopic effects, as well as an even distribution of brightness.

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