The best light for

People with Low Vision

The right and optimal lighting for people with impaired vision

Good Light, better Vision

People with impaired vision are confronted with numerous challenges in everyday life. This is because many eye conditions not only lead to a decrease in visual acuity, but also to an increased need for light — for example, due to clouding of the lens in cataracts or the loss of retinal cells in age-related macular degeneration.
Increased brightness, even, flicker-free illumination of the visual field and the “right” light colour can therefore significantly improve visual performance and enable faster and easier reading. A “normal” lamp is often not sufficient for these requirements.

This is why we at SYSTEM EICKHORST have designed workplace luminaires in the DIALITE series, which are precisely tailored to the special needs of people with visual impairments and represent practical solutions for many of those affected.

Quality Criteria

  • strong, wide-area light, light intensity at least 2,800 lux to 3,300 lux, if necessary with additional directional lighting
  • light colour > 3,000 Kelvin, warm white, daylight up to 6,500 Kelvin
  • glare- and flicker-free light
  • no stroboscopic effects
  • balanced distribution of light density


The following recommendations of our task lights consider the defined quality criteria and are the most frequent purchases made by our customers with impaired vision:
DIALITE Vision T LED 2x17
LED desk lamp with interchangeable LED lamps.

excl. VAT from €1,156.00

incl. 19% VAT. from €1,375.64

Our daylight lamp with an incredible light intensity of up to 10,000 Lux.

excl. VAT from €1,529.00

incl. 19% VAT. from €1,819.51

800 mm task light on rise and fall pendants for 2x24 watt LED lamps.

excl. VAT from €832.00

incl. 19% VAT. from €899.64