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Precision craftsmanship in excellent lighting conditions

Lighting for watchmakers: craftsmanship needs perfect light

At SYSTEM EICKHORST, we specialize in advanced lighting systems for watchmakers.
Watchmakers need to be able to see the smallest details precisely to carry out precise work when inspecting, repairing and maintaining watches. In addition to a steady hand, good lighting is a crucial factor in ensuring that the watchmaker can meet the high-quality standards required for this delicate work.
This is why we at SYSTEM EICKHORST designed task lights of the DIALITE Vision series, which are precisely tailored to the special requirements of watchmakers.

Quality Criteria

  • bright, wide-area light, lighting intensity at least 1,500 lux, better 2,800 lux to 3,300 lux

  • light color temperature > 4,000 Kelvin, neutral white or daylight from 5,400 Kelvin
  • glare and flicker-free light
  • no stroboscopic effects
  • balanced light density distribution


Based on the defined quality features, the following recommendations of our SYSTEM EICKHORST task lights are the most frequent purchases made by our watchmaking customers:
Our daylight lamp with an incredible light intensity of up to 10,000 Lux.

excl. VAT from €1,529.00

incl. 19% VAT. from €1,819.51

DIALITE Vision T 2/36 i
Lots of light with a moderate amount of space - indirect light for additional lighting without glare

excl. VAT from €1,344.00

incl. 19% VAT. from €1,599.36