DIALITE MasterGrader

Designed for colour grading and presentation of diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds and coloured stones.

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DIALITE MasterGrader
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Product number: 100.065.201/100.065.250
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Product information "DIALITE MasterGrader"
DIALITE MasterGrader – Colour Grading Cabinet

Standardized lighting and viewing environment for all gems in neutral ambient daylight conditions following the recommendations of international organisations like CIBJO and ISO/PAS. Spectral power distribution and rendering of full spectrum lamps comparable to GIA types.

  • shelf for positioning specimen at half distance to lamps
  • all lamps can be switched individually
  • long durability thanks to robust design
  • dimensions: 13.4” x 15.7” x 5.9” (34x40x15cm) (HxWxD)

For Colour Grading:
Choose from the following options for colour grading:
(4x 8 watt fluorescent lamps)

  • diamonds: 4x 6.500K full-spectrum-daylight
  • fancy coloured diamonds: 2x 5.800K full-spectrum-daylight and 2x 6.500K full-spectrum-daylight
  • coloured stones: 2x 5.800K full-spectrum-daylight, 1x 4.000K white and 1x 3.000K warm white

For colour grading with UV incident and transmitted light
Choose from the following options for colour grading with fluorescence test
(3x 8 watt fluorescent lamps, 1x 8 watt BLB 366nm long-wave UV lamp)

  • diamonds: 1x 5,800K full spectrum daylight and 2x 6,500K full spectrum daylight
  • coloured diamonds: 3x 5,800K full spectrum daylight

Incl. lamps: No
Mains connection: 230V
Number of lamps: 3x, 4x
Type of lamps: T5 fluorescent lamps / UV long wave