DIALITE Vision T Hybrid

Ideal combination of LED with fluorescent lamps, perfect for use and innovative in the mix

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Product number: 110.020.960N + 120.030.156
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Product information "DIALITE Vision T Hybrid"
  • 2x18 Watt energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps
  • 2x5 Watt powerful reflector LED, swiveling to the middle or to the side
  • both fluorescent lamps - and also the LED - are individually switchable
  • illuminance of the VISION Hybrid: ~3,000 Lux with 2x18 Watt fluorescent lamps
  • increase illuminance to a total of 10,000 lux when the LED is pivoted to the centre (with a 30° opening angle)
  • distance from reflector to work surface: 40cm
  • flicker-free high-frequency operation with one electronic ballast (ECG) per fluorescent lamp
  • reflector dimensions: (WxDxH) 495x145x45 mm
  • slits in the top of the reflector promote heat dissipation from the reflector and thus a cool head
  • Double spring arm:
  • stable shell-shaped steel profiles, connected with strong joints, easily adjustable in height and depth
  • additional inhibition/detection
  • parallelogram guided reflector, rotatable and pivotable Epoxy stove enamel silver grey/anthracite, very resistant
  • vertical arm length: 450mm
  • horizontal arm length 350mm
  • reflector max. 440mm to min. 170 mm above the table surface adjustable
  • weight: 3,5 kg
  • power supply: 240-220 V

Coating: silver-gray
Incl. lamps: No
Mains connection: 230V
Number of lamps: 4x
Opening on top: slots
Type of lamps: Fluorescent and LED lamps