GEMMOSCOPE - A LED binocular

Compact gem microscope with LED dark field illumination. With trinocular or binocular quality optics.

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Product number: GMS A Bino
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Product information "GEMMOSCOPE - A LED binocular"
Very compact microscope base with LED dark field / bright field lighting for high visual contrast and a cool work area of the stage. The dimmable LED lamp (4,500K) equivalent to a 25W incandescent lamp and has a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours. Incident light illumination with LED pin pointer and LED overhead light.

Innovative MAGNETIC CLICK stone holder system with magnetic socket on each side of the stage for right or left-hand use. Additional ring holder for clamping onto the stone holder.
Optional iris diaphragm. Ergonomic design for comfortable wrist and finger positioning.

Binocular StereoZOOM optics
The affordable quality optics offer a magnification range of 10x - 40x. The robust metal housing is particularly suitable for use in the classroom, in business or when traveling.
Other features:
  • 10x eyepieces with eyecups
  • apochromatically corrected ZOOM optics
  • Distortion-free eyepieces with a large field of view of 20 mm at 10x
  • Individual diopter correction for each eyepiece

USB / LED reflected light illumination included
A USB connection on each side of the stage for LED pin pointer daylight (6,500K) and LED incident light diffuse, daylight (6,500K). Also good for other USB plug & play accessories. No data transfer!