UV lamp for testing the fluorescence of gemstones with long-wave 366nm UV lamps.

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Product number: uv-colorscope
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Product information "UV-COLORSCOPE "
Transmitted light UV test:

This fluorescence test with the UV-COLORSCOPE is more sensitive than the traditional incident light method.
The high intensity of the bright UV lamps also shows weak fluorescence, as the test stone is placed on the UV filter.
Due to the viewing angle and the black appearing surface of the "black light" UV filter there is no misinterpretation of the observer by the bluish residual light of the visible UV component.
It is a true UV DARK field for highest contrast in colour and intensity.

Reflected light UV test:

The window at the bottom of the UV-COLORSCOPE is an additional feature of this unique lamp. It is simply held in the traditional incident light position and the fluorescence can be viewed in the traditional way. Very convenient, for example when testing diamonds directly in the stone paper.

  • 1x9 Watt compact fluorescent lamp 366nm BLB Blacklight Blue; for UV transmitted and incident light
  • UV outlet Dimensions: UV transmitted light outlet top side 104x36mm; UV incident light outlet bottom side 104x36mm
  • Switch on the front, lights up when the UV lamp is on
  • Flicker-free high-frequency operation through electronic ballast Unit
  • Long service life due to robust design
  • Dimensions (BXHXT): 215x95x73 mm
Technical specifications as PDF