Our daylight lamp with an incredible light intensity of up to 10,000 Lux.

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Product number: Pro 2/55 Dim I
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Product information "DIALITE Pro Dim i"
The DIALITE Pro Dim i is our daylight luminaire with a unique illuminance. Thanks to two separate fluorescent lamps, you can reach 8,000 Lux or 10,000 Lux - and it can be dimmed at any time. For an optimal light sensation, indirect lighting is integrated in the DIALITE Pro.
With its unique light output of 10,000 Lux, our daylight lamp is your perfect light for any kind of visual tasks.
Its 8,000 Lux illuminance always puts your workplace in the right light for you.

Its flicker-free daylight guarantees eye-friendly lighting at all times - even hours at your workplace will feel like minutes for your eyes.

The separate dimming of the two fluorescent tubes allows you to adjust the light intensity to the working needs of your eyes. This is made possible by two rotary heads, with which the two lamps can be dimmed individually, as well as adjusted continuously and flicker-free.

So you and your eyes can continue to work fresh and productive even after hours of work.

A further feature: thanks to two separate toggle switches on the lamp arm, you can also switch the lamps on and off individually. This function also allows you to "save" the position of the dimmer when the workstation lamp is switched off.
The reflector, which is open at the top, not only dissipates excess heat, but also guarantees you additional indirect lighting. So you always have a pleasant working atmosphere. A further plus: Dust is also discharged upwards and deposits on the inside of the lamp are avoided.

By the way: the black metal louvre on the top protects your eyes optimally from possible glare. An additional louvre can be attached to the underside of the reflector to protect against glare. This may be necessary if the reflector is set particularly high, such as with workplaces with big size monitors.

The DIALITE Pro can be set up and/or mounted in a variety of ways at the workplace.

The sturdy construction, which is inherent in each of our luminaires, guarantees a long life.

Designed in Germany, Made in Germany.

Incl. lamps: No
Mains connection: 230V
Number of lamps: 2x
Opening on top: grid
Type of lamps: Fluorescentlamps