System Eickhorst

For over 50 years your partner for gemmological instruments, microscopes and lighting systems

We are bringing light into the darkness

SYSTEM EICKHORST has been offering high quality and the latest technology in a stylish design for more than 50 years. The family-run manufactory was founded in 1969 by graduate physicist engineer Manfred Eickhorst with his innovation, the DIAMOND PHOTOMETER, in Hamburg, Germany.

Manfred Eickhorst developed this world's first device for measuring the colour of diamonds while still studying technical physics. In 1967 he applied for his first patent. After the successful presentation of the DIAMOND PHOTOMETER at the Antwerp Diamond Exchange, it was clear to Manfred Eickhorst that the development of high-quality devices for the examination of precious stones should shape his future. The pioneer DIAMOND-PHOTOMETER was followed in 1973 by the first gemmological devices of the GEMMODUL series and in 1976 by the microscopes of the GEMMOSCOPE series.

From gemmological instruments to task lighting

Through the close collaboration with his customers in gemmology, Manfred Eickhorst quickly realized that many of them lacked the right lighting for their work. In 1976, the DUV, the first lamp from the DIALITE series, was born. With this lamp he invented the world's first daylight workplace lamp with built-in UV light. Just recently, the lamp, based on the success of that time, was reissued: DIALITE CLASSIC DUV

It quickly became clear that many people lack the right light in other areas as well. The "Light & Luminaires" product range, which is essentially the family of DIALITE luminaires, developed into the second mainstay of SYSTEM EICKHORST.
In the meantime, dental technicians, gemstone dealers, goldsmiths, watchmakers, restorers and the elderly or people with visual impairments all over the world work with the light from SYSTEM EICKHORST. The latest state of the art and the high quality make the products for your users irreplaceable and reliable companions.

Our quality promise to you

  • very long lifespan thanks to only using first-class materials - Made in Germany
  • extremely sophisticated technology in all our products
  • innovative product developments